Fujifilm X-T20 vs. XT2, what’s the difference?

First announced in January 2017, and available since March, the Fuji X-T20 is Fujifilm’s latest APS-C hybrid. It completes the X line of products which also includes the X-T2 and the X-Pro2 and it replaces the Fuji X-T10 which was released in June 2015. This new release serves as a good opportunity for us to […]

The 4 Best Wide-angle lenses for landscape photography

In photography, after the camera, the most important piece of equipment is the lens. With the passage of time, serial lenses fall short on our cameras. Everyone (or almost everyone) has seen us take a big picture of a magnificent landscape and thought: my camera doesn’t do that, why? That is where the need for […]

Reasons to Buy a SLR Camera

What advantages do SLR cameras have compared to other types of cameras? Is it worth buying a SLR camera?  Is a SLR the right choice for me? NOTE 1: To give some context, this article is aimed at amateur photographers looking to make an improvement in the quality of their photos, which can be achieved […]

The 10 keys you should know of the Nikon Df

Half a dozen of mysterious videos and a long list of rumors that have preceded what certainly is one of the most anticipated cameras in Nikon’s history. This strong full-format digital SLR is based on a complete reformulation of the company’s philosophy. Reviewing in detail the specifications and the historical context of this series can […]

Best compact cameras for under 150 dollars 2014

Finding a good camera nowadays is not hard. Finding cheap models isn’t hard either. But finding a decent model for less than 150 dollars is a different story. If you have in mind the obvious limitations of this price, with a bit of patience you can find recent cameras that, despite being far from the […]

Best Bridge Camera recommendation 2017

Some cameras with a SLR appearance are, maybe improperly, classified in this way, even if in some cases they have a slightly smaller size, and use some non-interchangeable zoom lenses. They also offer an electronic viewfinder and the opportunity to work in Shutter or aperture priority mode or manual mode, along with an automatic program. […]

Tips to buy a compact camera

Choosing a digital camera can be much more complicated than you’d think. That’s why, through the following article, we’ll help you find the right camera for you. 1: Introduction Before you buy a camera, you must have a clear idea of what you need it to do for you and what you want it for. […]