Nikon D7500 – The new 4k video recording camera by Nikon.

Nikon finally made official the launch of its new camera, the Nikon D7500, after the latest leaks. Nikon D7500 A mid-end reflex camera which holds advanced specs such as having the same 20.9 megapixel CMOS sensor as its big sister the Nikon D500 (a professional reflex camera and one of Nikon’s best selling models), and […]

Sony prepares a 30X external zoom camera for smartphones

The benefits of using a smartphone camera are not always sufficient as they are not as advanced as we would like, and sometimes a longer optical zoom lens is needed because it provides greater shooting flexibility during different situations. At other times it does not hurt that the camera incorporates an optical image stabilizer to […]

Apple forgoes the development of Aperture and iPhoto

Recently, Apple announced the cancellation of the development of the Aperture and iPhoto software, two legendary OS X programs that will soon cease to exist. The reason for this decision? They will both be replaced by a single app called “Photos”, which will take the job for those who wish to have advanced functions for […]