Fujifilm X100F Review

The X100F is the fourth iteration of Fujifilm’s well-respected X100 series. It still uses the same 35mm equivalent 23mm F2 lens, still has the ‘classic’ design cues, but almost everything has changed under the surface. The biggest change between the X100F and its predecessors is the move to the use of the 24MP X-Trans sensor. We’ve […]

Kamerar Lens Zoom Kit for iPhone 7 Plus review

Kamerar Zoom Lens Kit for iPhone 7 Plus review If you’re shopping for accessory lenses, for most iPhone models the choice can be overwhelming. The lenses on offer range from cheap plastic variants for very little money to hefty high-quality glass in metal bodies that require a three-figure investment. However, the situation is slightly different […]

Cinetics Lynx motion control system review

As an astronomer and visual artist, I use the arts to communicate science. My main way of doing this is through a series of Science & Symphony films that get presented with orchestras in concerts around the world. Since 2008 I have been shooting time-lapse sequences of the night sky and incorporating them into many of […]

Insta360 Air 360-degree camera for Android quick review

Insta360 Air$129/£139 | www.insta360.com | Buy Now  The Insta360 Air is a smartphone add-on that turns your Android device into a fully-fledged 360-degree VR camera. It’s capable of capturing still images and video, and comes with a live-streaming function. It only weighs 26.5 grams / ~1oz, comes with a protective rubber case and attaches to […]

Accessory Review: Pixel Vertax D12 Grip for Nikon D800/E

Pixel Vertax D12 Battery Grip for Nikon D800/E$99 / £65 www.pixelhk.com A long-standing characteristic of professional SLRs is two sets of controls – horizontal and vertical. Vertical controls make the cameras easier to handle when shooting in the portrait format, and the more substantial grip also aids handling with long, heavy lenses. Many battery grips also […]

Accessory Review: Phottix Odin TTL Flash Trigger for Canon

Phottix Odin TTL Flash Trigger for Canon$329 / £267 www.phottix.com The Phottix Odin is a wireless TTL flash trigger system that operates via radio frequency. At $329.99, the Odin’s price tag may seem a tad steep over the competition, but it features several key advantages that make it worth the ride. The most prominent advantage of the […]

Accessory Review: Kata Revolver-8 Backpack

Kata Revolver-8 PL Backpack$249 / £229 www.kata-bags.us The Kata Revolver-8 photo backpack is unlike anything I’ve ever seen in the travel gear department. The backpack’s primary feature is its roulette-style revolving lens compartment that enables photographers to quickly unsheathe a telephoto, standard or macro lens within seconds. Fortified with plenty of additional features, the $250 Kata […]

Tamrac Evolution 9 Photo Backpack Review

The Tamrac Evolution 9 Photo/Laptop Sling Backpack is a versatile carrying solution for semi-pros and pros who regularly carry a full-frame DSLR, large laptop, and a handful of lenses to shoots. In addition to a variety of modifiable storage compartments, the Evolution 9 can be used as a traditional backpack on the shoulders or slung […]

High Speed Sync with YN560 flash

For me and those who love YN560s for strobist, the only thing missing in these cheap flashes is High Speed Sync (HSS) capability. There are two basis ways to use flash: on-camera and off-camera.  The simple, but unique way to do HSS on-camera is using a flash with HSS capability. In other words, there’s no […]

Battle of the Wi-Fi Cards: Eye-Fi vs. Transcend

When capturing a high volume of images on a photo shoot, being able to wirelessly connect your camera to a smartphone, computer or to ‘the cloud’ has a lot of appeal. Wi-Fi can expedite workflow by allowing you to transfer image files remotely while on location. For the sake of convenience, Wi-Fi memory cards can […]