Lens Filter Wrench Review

Getting a filter stuck on a lens is a quick way to ruin a photo outing or even the balance of a big photo trip. Attempting to remove the filter improperly is a quick way to damage an expensive filter or lens. The key concept to remember when removing a filter is that even pressure […]

Step-Up Filter Adapter Rings Review

When you want to use a filter on a lens with a smaller filter thread size, you want a step-up adapter ring. A step-up filter adapter ring is a simple glass-less ring with male threads (for your lens) and larger size female threads (for your filter). The step up ring screws onto your lens and […]

10 Stop Neutral Density Filter Review

Neutral density filters reduce the amount of light reaching the camera’s imaging sensor. The light reduction is even across the visible spectrum (or it should be). With less light reaching the imaging sensor, a longer exposure or a wider aperture can be used. The wider aperture can be used to avoid the effects of diffraction […]

Neutral Density Filters Review

When you want less light reaching your sensor, you want a neutral density filter. What is a neutral density filter? As you probably figured out from my opening sentence, a neutral density filter reduces the amount light reaching the camera’s imaging sensor. A key point is that the light is evenly reduced across the color […]

Circular Polarizer Filter Review

If someone took my circular polarizer filters away, I don’t know what I would do. I would be completely lost when photographing landscapes. And in many other indoor and outdoor situations, I would feel very limited. No other filter will do more to add “pop” to your images. Getting better image quality by using a […]

UV and Clear Lens Protection Filters Review

On a DSLR camera, the primary purpose of a Clear, UV or Skylight filter is to protect the front lens element. You will seldom see a difference in your image quality caused by using a high quality protective filter, but whether or not to use a protection filter is the big running debate. Neither side […]