Fujifilm has officially presented the TCL-X100, a Teleconverter lens that will be available in May. As we mentioned a couple of months ago, this teleconverter lens multiplies the focal length of the lens of the X100 and X100S by 1.4, going from 23mm (equivalent to 35mm in full format) to 33mm (equivalent to about 50mm).

The TCL-X100 and the WCL-X100 allows users to enjoy much higher focal lengths without changing lenses or getting new ones.

Fujifilm TCL- X100

Although using these devices often means negatively affecting the image quality, Fujifilm ensures this won’t be the case. The TCL-X100 features four optical glass elements with anti-reflective coating to reduce aberrations. The latest updates of the Fuji X100 (version 2.10) and Fuji X100S firmware (version 1.20) are prepared to work with this device.

Considering the high performance achieved by the WCL-X100, the future looks bright for the TCL-X100. These devices are compatible with the X100’s and its hybrid system.

The TCL-X100 will be available in black or silver. It comes out in May and its official price hasn’t been confirmed.