The new lens of this medium-format camera will hit the market this month and will cost around 5300 and 6300 Euros (the latter for the CS)

Leica Elmarit 45 mm f2.8

Leica’s S series now welcomes the Elmarit 45 mm f2.8 ASPH, a lens that offers an angle of view equivalent to 35 millimeters with universal films, becoming the ninth lens for this system.

Like most S series models from Leica, the new Elmarit will be available in two versions: with and without central obturator. Designed with a 20-lens scheme, its 5 extra abnormal lens keeps distortion in check.

Available this October, Leica also announced a firmware update to optimize their new lens when used with medium-format models: the S, S2, and S2-P. The new lens will cost 5300 -6.300 for the CS version with central obturator.