Lowepro has replaced the Lowepro Toploader 65 AW with the Lowepro Toploader Pro 65 AW.
It is even nicer than the previous model, but note that there is only one SlipLock attachment loop and the dimensions have changed.

The Lowepro Toploader 65 AW is a high quality camera bag with nice features and expandability.

A toploader-type case provides great ease of use.
Throw the case over your shoulder and go.
You have full and easy access to everything without putting the case down.

The size of the 65 AW accommodates a DSLR body
and a lens up to and snuggly including the
Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L USM Lens
with the hood mounted reversed.
The fit is really tight with the 24-70 L and an EOS 1-Series camera body,
but the zippers will close (I leave the neck strap hang out).
The Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM Lens
will fit without a problem.

A front pouch snuggly holds a
Canon 420EX Speedlite Flash
or other similar-sized items.
A zippered pouch under the zippered top holds small things like
CompactFlash cards, lens cleaning cloths …

There are SlipLock slots on each side of the case to accommodate 2 additional Lowepro cases such as
Lowepro Lens Cases.

I typically mount the lens I intend to primarily use on the camera body
and SlipLock-attach up to two other lenses in Lowepro Lens Cases to the sides of the 65 AW.

The “AW” designation of the Lowepro Toploader 65 AW indicates “All Weather”.
Lowepro includes a rain coat that pulls out of a pouch underneath to provide water protection.
The case by itself could be called weather-resistant (not water proof),
but the AW rain coat adds to this protection.

Lowepro Toploader Case Size Comparison

Pictured above from left to right are the
Lowepro Toploader 75 AW,
Lowepro Toploader 70 AW and the
Lowepro Toploader 65 AW.

Basically, the Lowepro Toploader 65 AW is a great compact all-around top-loading camera case.

If your needs require a larger case,
you might be interested in the
Lowepro Toploader 70 AW or the
Lowepro Toploader 75 AW.

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