Getting the right background for a photo often requires you to bring one with you.
The Manfrotto Background Support System is a very nice portable holder for this type of background.

The Manfrotto Background Support System is a kit of readily available quality components that includes
two Manfrotto 3086 8′ (2.4m) Light Stands,
a Manfrotto 2983 three section Telescoping Cross Bar that expands from 44″ (1.1m) to 117″ (2.9m),
two 2891 Mini Clip Clamps and a carry bag.
The system is designed to hold rolls of paper background – or any other background material such as muslin.

Typical use for the Manfrotto Background Support System would be in a non-permanent location – such as a house, gym or other venue.
Or even in a studio where at least some portability or flexibility is desired.
When it is time to go, pack the 10 lbs (4.5 kg)of gear in the carry bag and be on your way.

When not holding a background, the items in this kit can readily be used for other purposes – such as holding lights.

There are cheaper models available, but the Manfrotto Background Support System is a good quality setup – it is a good value.

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