Same lenses and same luminosity, but with a new design and an HD coating: This is what the redesigned Limited lenses from Pentax for K-mount cameras have to offer. These new lenses are called HD Pentax-DA Limited.

Five new redesigned models will feature this HD coating, a feature that will eliminate “phantom” lights and reflections. We’re talking about the 15 mm f4 ED AL, 21 mm f3.2 AL, 35 mm f2.8 Macro, 40 mm f2.8 and 70 mm f2.4, all of them already available in the Pentax catalog, now with also a new aluminum-made body.

Pentax stated the rounded diaphragm and the design, optimized for digital cameras, will be their main features.


Pentax also announced new flashes, with new versions of the AF540FGZ and AF360FGZ. With guide numbers of 54 and 36, respectively, these cobra-type flashes now feature a secondary LED illuminator for video recording.

Pentax Limited lenses

The AF540FGZ II and the AF360FGZ II follow the steps of the latest reflex cameras of the company: they’re water and dirt-resistant thanks to its 28 sealing points.

Pentax Limited lenses